Maine One Step From Legalizing Sports Betting

Maine One Step From Legalizing Sports Betting

Lawmakers in Maine have already approved sports betting legalization, and now the Bill is pending governor’s official approval to be enacted into law.

This year four US states have already legalized sports betting, and Maine could soon join the league of US states offering sports betting after the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting last year. The Supreme Court allowed states to offer sports betting within their jurisdictions.

In Maine, now it all depends on Gov. Janet Mills. If she approves the sports betting bill – which is quite likely that she would – sports betting will come to Maine.

Sports betting Bill have been approved by the legislature in seven states prior to Maine in 2019 including, Montana, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, and New Hampshire.

Maine’s sports betting bill calls for allowing both in-person and mobile sports betting. This means that unlike many states which have legalized sports betting where bookmakers have to partner with brick and mortar gambling establishments to offer sports betting, in Maine they would not have to do so.

The state is eyeing at benefitting from significant tax revenues which would be generated by legalizing sports betting as it has been inspired by other states which have legalized sports betting.

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