Mikael Franzén Announced New Group IT Lead By Sweden’s State-Owned Gambling Operator

Mikael Franzén Announced New Group IT Lead By Sweden’s State-Owned Gambling Operator

Sweden’s state-owned gambling operator, Svenska Spel, has announced Mikael Franzén as its new Group IT Director.

At present, Franzén serves as Vice President of Svenska Spel’s B2B sports & casino division. He will take office as IT Director from September 1, 2019. He would be reporting directly to the company’s CEO Patrik Hofbauer. Franzén replaces Jörgen Olofsson as Svenska Spel group IT lead.

“I am very pleased to welcome Mikael Franzen in his new role as Chief Information Officer. I am also proud that we have an internal candidate, which is proof that we have extensive expertise within the Group. Michael’s extensive experience in both the Swedish game that the gaming industry will be valuable in the continued development of our business. He has deep knowledge of the deal, which is crucial to strengthen the offering to our customers,” says Patrik Hofbauer, President, and CEO of Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel made the announcement as it updated stakeholders about the new appointment.

“I am very pleased to be entrusted with leading Svenska Spel’s IT team. It is they who together develop, implement, and manage the solutions that will enable Swedish Games to offer customers fun and exciting gaming experience in a safe and responsible manner.”

“I hope to contribute my extensive experience in the gaming business page and my understanding of what it takes to create competitiveness in an increasingly digitized and fast-paced gaming market,” Franzén said in his statement to the local press on joining Svenska Spel leadership.

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