NBA To Launch “NBA Last 90,” A Virtual Sports Betting Game

NBA To Launch “NBA Last 90,” A Virtual sports betting game

NBA has announced that it would launch “NBA Last 90,” a virtual sports betting game which will feature game highlights and the new game will be launched in the coming season. The new game would be launched both in the US and in the regulated European Markets.

Explaining the game, in its report, ESPN describes it as – “NBA Last 90” will drop contestants into the final 90 seconds of a simulated matchup between two NBA teams and offer wagering propositions on what transpires during the ending of a fictitious game.

Players will have many odds to wager on including guessing the winning team, the team to score on the first possession, and also the total points scored by the sides. The outcomes will be determined by a random number generator which would be similar to a slot machine.

NBA’s Scott Kaufman-Ross, head of fantasy and gaming told ESPN: “We’ve been looking at this the past couple years and were really surprised to see how popular this was. In Europe, we’re especially excited about using virtual as another way to engage with our fans with alternative content, especially given the time-zone challenges we have in the region.”

With “NBA Last 90”, NBA will become the first major US sports League to offer virtual sports betting game.

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