Oxford Casino Secures A License To Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Oxford Casino Secures A License To Serve Alcoholic Beverages

Liquor license application of the Oxford Casino was approved by the Board of Selectmen on Thursday night.

The board also questioned the casino officials about why there was a high number of complaints related to individuals intoxicated near the venue.

The police reported that most of the calls related to intoxication – 61 out of 81 – were somewhere associated with the casino.

The casino rep explained that because of a high turnaround of visitors the numbers did not represent an overwhelming number of intoxication cases as there were over 1 million visitors in the past year and the calls received by the police were only 61.

The casino rep also explained that β€œAll personnel that are involved with the serving of alcohol are Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol, or TIPS, certified.This is the gold standard for training.”

The casino representatives also explained that over 35 percent of the cases of intoxication were related to people who had not entered the gambling facility but have been outside.

Asked if the casino has plans in place to tackle drinking issues in the parking lot, the rep explained that β€œWe have someone that goes through the parking lot, and there are cameras out there with monitors in the back of the house.”

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