Cambodia: Death Toll Rises To 28 As Officials Rule Out Any Possibility Of Having Survivors

Cambodia:Death Toll Rises To 28 As Officials Rule Out Any Possibility Of Having Survivors

After a seven-storey under construction building collapsed in Cambodia’s casino town of Sihanoukville, on Saturday, the death toll has risen to 28.

The authorities have ruled out any possibility of having survivors. The Cambodian government has already sacked one of its top disaster management officials, reports Al Jazeera.

Citing “lack of responsibility, and lying” Deputy Director of the National Committee of Disaster Management Nhim Vanda was dismissed on Monday.

Yun Min, the governor of Preah Sihanouk province, tendered his resignation following the incident. His resignation was accepted.

The town has been witnessing rampant construction and development work as it is being developed as a tourist destination – a hub for those who travel from mainland China for gambling.

The seven-storey building which collapsed was a Chinese-owned site.

Three Chinese nationals and a Cambodian landowner have been detained for questioning.

“We don’t expect any more survivors,” a soldier present at the site told AFP.

Another survivor, Khim Pov, 47, told AFP: “I lost my husband and my nephew. I ’don’t have any hope my husband has survived. The bodies being pulled out have been flattened.”

Currently, there are around 50 Chinese-owned casinos and dozens of hotel complexes under construction in Sihanoukville.

Earlier in May, at we had reported how a Chinese-owned casino located in Cambodia’s southwestern city of Sihanoukville – where the under-construction resort collapsed -defied the official orders to cease operations.

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