Dutch Gambling Regulator KSA Fines Two Online Gambling Operators

Dutch Gambling Regulator KSA Fines Two Online Gambling Operators

The Dutch gambling regulator, KSA, has fined two operators for violating the country’s online gambling regulations.

KSA fined, both Simbat Entertainment Systems and Spinity €270,000 and €100,000 each for offering and promoting online casino and other games of chance to the native players without obtaining due permissions.

The gambling operator, in its investigation found that Simbat was offering games of chance through at least 11 websites to the locals. Simbat was found to be promoting the company’s online games as an affiliate.

The fine was first announced in July 2017; however, following the imposition of fine, the companies challenged the decision of the gambling authority. Upon hearing, the court of The Hague ruled in favor of KSA. Following the court’s decision, the gambling regulator has now made it public.

Online gambling and casinos are illegal in the Netherlands. The Dutch gambling regulator announced last week that they would have the new remote gambling regulations come into effect from July 1, 2020. Following the new gambling regulations in place, the gambling regulator also indicated that they would be seeking application from gambling operators for a countrywide license and then the online gambling market would be open by the start of the coming year.

According to the latest from the KSA, over 79 companies have shown interest in Dutch gambling license.

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