Online Gambling Ring Busted In Indonesia

Online Gambling Ring Busted In Indonesia

The Indonesian police have cracked down on an online gambling ring which was being run from four different premises in Bayan Lepas. There were a total of sixteen Indonesian men involved in illegal gambling operations.

The police have said that the online gambling ring was making about RM200,000 a day.

The raids that followed, which led to the busting of the online gambling ring was organized by a joint team of Penang Crime Investigation Depart­ment and Northwest District police.

Talking to the press, the Penang police chief Datuk Comm T. Narenasagaran, confirmed that 11 Indonesian men between the ages of 19 and 47 and five Indonesian women aged between 24 and 32 had been arrested.

The police chief also confirmed that they had seized several computers, mobile devices, and other pieces of equipment that would facilitate online banking and transaction processing.

“The ring created a website for online gambling and used WeChat and Whatsapp to communicate with clients in Indonesia,” he said.

The raids followed after the anti-narcotics team raided four places in Seberang Jaya, Central Seberang Prai, Simpang Empat and South Seberang Prai in Indonesia.

Along with the busting of the illegal online gambling ring, the police also arrested a 23-year-old man. 39kg of heroin, 810 grams of heroin-based drugs, and 4,500 ecstasy pills were seized in the raid.

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