183 Interested In A Dutch Gambling License

183 Interested In A Dutch Gambling License

The Dutch gaming authority, Kansspelautoriteit, has revealed in an update that there are over 183 entities, primarily gambling operators, which have demonstrated an interest in a Dutch gambling license.

While the formal process to apply for a Dutch gambling license is yet to begin as the gambling authority is still working on formulating the new regulations, it is reported that the Application costs are to be set at €45,000 with a financial guarantee of €830,000 having to be issued.

Earlier the gambling authority had reported that they are planning to have the new remote gambling regulations come into effect from July 1, 2020.
RenΓ© Jansen, chairman of the KSA, the Dutch gambling regulator, had said that it is their priority to prepare the regulatory framework for remote gambling in the country and also that they will be having it ready in the next two years.

The gambling authority had confirmed that the regulated online gambling market in the Netherlands would not be launched until 2021.

Currently, of those who have shown interest in a gambling license, 89 are overseas companies, and of which, 83 also hold a gambling license abroad.

Last week, the KSA fined, both Simbat Entertainment Systems and Spinity, €270,000 and €100,000 each for offering and promoting online casino and other games of chance to the native players without obtaining due permissions.

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