Better Collective Secures A New Jersey Revenue Share License

Better Collective Secures A New Jersey Revenue Share License

The US arm of Better Collective has been granted a New Jersey revenue share license. Following the approval, the company can now enter into revenue share partnerships with licensed operators in New Jersey.

The company was granted a license as its Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise License was completed.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective said: “We are very pleased to have the revenue share license in sight, as it increases our flexibility when collaborating with operators and other stakeholders in the US market.

“Looking at our current business, revenue share is by far our dominant model, and we believe it to be the preferred model for sports betting affiliation as it creates recurring revenue. It also creates a shared interest for us and our partners and it awards the affiliate bringing the highest quality users.”

The company has been trying to expand in the US market, and this new development is a significant step ahead to rap into one of the biggest markets in the US.

The company can now expand in New Jersey by entering into partnerships based on a revenue share model in addition to the cost per acquisition (CPA) model that it has been working on this far.

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