More Women Apply For Gambling Self-Exclusion In Malta

More Women Apply For Gambling Self-Exclusion In Malta

Gambling addiction has been on the rise in Malta. According to the figures released by the Responsible Gaming Foundation, over 1000 active gamblers have called for self-exclusion from gambling.

It is also revealed that most of the gamblers applying for a self-exclusion program are women.

According to the regulations the gamblers can self-exclude themselves from gambling for a period of a minimum of six months and also for an indefinite period.

A spokesman of Responsible Gaming Foundation said that it is not easy for any person to accept one’s addiction and sign up for self-exclusion.

It has also been revealed that the number of calls to the National Gambling Helpline, 1777, launched in 2015, has increased. The majority of the callers were calling for their friends and relatives.

The figures released by the Malta Gaming Authority shows that there are over 4,000 people who are at risk of gambling addiction. It was also found that in 2017 alone, the Maltese residents spent a total of €128 million on gambling activities.

Illegal gambling activities have also been increasing in Malta. Earlier in May, the Malta Gaming Authority has signed an MoU with Malta police to work towards curbing the growing menace of problem gambling in the country.

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