Endorphina Talked To Streamers From Siberia

Endorphina Talked To Streamers From Siberia

Hi Guys!
We have just launched our Sparta game and already two incredibly lucky guys from a Siberian town landed a HUGE win.
Just imagine taking a chance on a brand new game, just entering the first few rounds and then it happens – 100 free games, 5 scatters! (yes, five) which were the highest payable symbols in the game (the shields) and an insane X2326 full feature multiplier!

This astounding row of luck brought these players 93048 RUB. What do you think of that? We at Endorphina feel ecstatic for the Ludomen Team and we are glad that Endorphina’s games can bring quality time entertainment and a long-lasting formula of endorphins to human lives.
But there’s more! We didn’t just watch and listen to the streamers’ story (Sasha and Pasha), but we’ve joined their stream and asked a few questions over a glass of non-alcoholic dark beer!

It was fascinating to learn what the criteria are for gamblers when choosing a game provider, what myths exist about new games among gamers and the winning chances, and what slots Endorphina is advised to make in the future. You could take a look at stream over here https://youtu.be/yhLzobtzBzw
And here’s what went down in the stream:

– Guys, please introduce yourselves!

-We are Pavel and Alexander from the Siberian town Krasnoyarsk. We are known as the Ludomen team. We intensively play online casino games for about 3 years and have been streaming for about half a year. Three times a week we stream in the evenings and raise a glass of beer each Friday with our followers. We like to have a good time, test our fortune and relax after the working week.

– Why are there two of you for streaming? Why together?

– You know, when you are in a team there is such a special effect of intuition: when one is not lucky, the other one is.

– How do you choose games, also by intuition?

– Exactly! You open up a website with games and feel the game. But before we choose the slot, we choose the provider. By the way, we know that we can rob Endorphina. And here comes a new slot! According to all laws, if there is a new slot, he has to give away! So we think that when there is a new slot, we run and check it out.

– What is important in the game? Is it the picture or the name like Taboo or Voodoo that grabs your attention?

– It is definitely the picture. But when we check the casino and do not see new games, we follow that special feeling. Something like I feel I need to go to Urartu or I better visit Minautaurus. This is something rather subconscious.
– Tell us a story about Endorphina?

– Not long ago we had a week of five scatters. First it was in Sparta, the one you know about. And in a few days it was in a different casino, we had our last 20 cents in an account and we suddenly got 5 scatters, $1000 dollars and a bunch of retriggers. So for one week we’ve got two slots in Endorphina.

– Do you happen to have a lucky strike?

– Oh yes. Sometimes we can be lucky the whole month and with a lot of providers. The whole month on one lucky wave. But then we cannot get a game for a few weeks. It is always pleasant when we have a lucky strike.

– So you are gaming surfers who catch the wave and can keep it?

– Yes! You need a slot on surfing, by the way! Especially in summer, when there is the sea, sun and waves. When one needs something warm and sunny. And here we have only nights for now. And yes, you are the only provider who does not have books. Each provider has a lot of slots with books and you do not.

– Which Endorphina slots do you prefer?

– Those where I was lucky the most. I think it is Minotaur, Slotomoji. No provider has slots with similar mechanics.

– Thank you for your interest in Endorphina. We are happy to have such great streamers!

Steve Jobs used to grab new ideas about the iPhone design in the home and machines section in the supermarket. Similarly, Endorphina does its field research. And not only research for ourselves, but we also share our knowledge with colleagues and event competitors. We are always open to new meetings with participants in the amazing gambling market. If you are ready – we invite streamers and gamblers to our series of online interviews! Write to me!

Ludomen Team streams here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8ltgONiEMWZzQ3Hz35VrcA/featured and here https://www.twitch.tv/ludomen_team

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