Rivers Casino Appoints A Dedicated Sports Betting Manager

Rivers Casino Appoints A Dedicated Sports Betting Manager

Rivers Casino New York announced Hal Wafer as their Sportsbook manager on Wednesday. Also, on Wednesday, the state regulations concerning sports betting operations were published in the state register. Sports betting is now officially legal in the state.

Following the publishing of the regulations, the casinos and licensed gambling establishments can now apply for sports betting license.

Rivers Casino is planning to complete the development of its new Sportsbook lounge in July. The casino is also expecting to launch its sports betting operations before the beginning of the NFL season in September.

The sports betting lounge is expected to create twenty jobs. The casino would organize special training for employees and would update them with the new sports gambling regulations.

Talking about the employee training, newly appointed Sportsbook manager, Hal Wafer said that they are focussed on educating the customer.

“I’m very approachable in the casino with any answers,” he said.

“It just becomes a great additional avenue to direct foot traffic to the casino, or the restaurants, or the hotel,” Wafter said when asked if the sportsbook lounge was designed to attract customers for sports betting.

“The hotel’s very nice, I’ve stayed there myself,” he added.

Taking about the difference between the Rivers Casino and others he said: “There’s a different kind of feel to the casino here than others I’ve been to. It has a really nice airy feel to it, with the non-smoking and the layout, lighting, structure … It’s just a very well-designed casino.”

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