Nevada Casino Win Slips 6 Percent In May

Nevada Casino Win Slips 6 Percent In May

The winnings of casinos in Nevada has slipped for the month of May. According to the figures released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Thursday, the casinos in Nevada won approximately $982 million from gamblers in May.

The figures released show that the casino winnings were down nearly 6 percent for the same period the previous year. In May 2018, the Nevada casinos won around 1 billion dollars.

May’s performance is a fifth consecutive decrease in statewide “gaming win.”

Gaming Board analyst Michael Lawton told the Associated Press that the monthly data reflects that baccarat card players were luckier than usual, particularly on the Las Vegas Strip, while statewide slot winnings and volume figures are both trending upward.

Nevada earns most of its tax revenues from gambling. It is the second biggest contributor to the state’s $14 billion annual budget.

The report released by the gaming control board also reveals that the state collected $61.3 million in percentage fee taxes based on May figures. The tax collected was down 9.8 percent when compared with the tax collected for the same period, the previous year.

Nevada was also amongst the first US states to legalize sports betting after the US Supreme Court allowed states to regulate sports gambling.

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