MLS To Accept Gambling and Liquor Sponsorship

MLS To Accept Gambling and Liquor Sponsorship

Major League Soccer (MLS) has confirmed that they have revised their sponsorship policies and now are all up for accepting gambling and liquor sponsorships.

In a major shift from its erstwhile commercial policy, Major League said that they can now partner with betting and gambling companies.

It confirmed that all teams in the MLS can now sign deals with all licensed gaming and betting operators. The sponsorship deal also includes jersey sponsorship.

Major League’s revision of its commercial policy also includes accepting liquor sponsorship’s. Logos of brands will appear on team jerseys’ fronts and sleeves. However, deals according to the revised commercial policy would not be possible before 2020.

Also, the youth teams in the league would not be allowed to wear jersey’s which will have logos of sponsors promoting gambling or liquor. All teams with players under the age of 20 would have to wear separate jerseys.

It is also revealed that the gambling partnerships in future would also apply to stadium naming rights, stadium signage, field-board advertising, as well as any activities that presuppose ad-hoc marketing campaigns pre-approved by regulators and aired or broadcast via any available medium.

Following the new provisions and revised commercial policies, gambling companies would be able to set up private venues in the stadium and accept bets from fans depending upon the fact that sports betting is legal in the state where the game is taking place.

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