Portugal Shuts Illegal Underground Casino

Portugal Shuts Illegal Underground Casino

Cracking down on illegal gambling in the country the Portuguese authorities have shut down an illegal underground casino. The illegal gambling establishment was operating in Porto.

The National Unit for Information and Criminal Investigation (UNIIC), a branch of the Authority for Food and Economic Safety (ASAE), raided a warehouse exposing the illegal gambling operations which were being carried out from the premises.

It took three months of consistent investigation, after which the authorities secured a warrant to raid the illegal gambling den.

Nineteen people aged between eighteen and sixty-five have been arrested. The accused were caught red-handed while they were in the middle of a poker game.

The authorities seized multiple sports-betting machines, two card playing tables, playing cards, betting chips and other gaming devices.

The total seized is estimated a euro 9000.

The raids and following the investigations were a joint operation of the ASAE and Public Safety Police (PSP) and the Regulatory and Inspective Games Service.

Illegal gambling activities have been on the rise in Portugal. Also, due to lax gambling regulations, there are many foreign-based online gambling sites which are offering their gambling products in the Portuguese market.

It not only puts the Portuguese customers at risk but also the state is losing a significant amount in terms of tax revenue.

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