A $3 Million Slip On A Casino Floor

A $3 Million Slip On A Casino Floor

Lynda Sadowski, fell after she tripped over a “wet floor” sign on a casino floor in 2016 which left her a broken kneecap. The treatment involved surgeons having to install a metal plate in her leg.

Sadowski approached the court, seeking compensation. After hearing both the parties, an Ohio jury awarded her $3 million.

In her complaint, Sadowski also said that she had lost the “enjoyment of her good health,” and that she had picked up arthritis in her knee because of the accident. She also said that her health might require further surgeries.

In its defense, the casino maintained that though fallen the signboard which lay flat on the floor was still visible. It said that it was not negligence on their behalf, which caused the accident and therefore they should not be held liable.

However, in a security video, it was revealed that a casino employee walked past the sign without putting it upright in place.

“The casino had no safety policies in place for floor inspection or fall prevention and had no criticism of the employee’s failure to pick up the trip hazard even though its internal documents found her at fault. The casino’s callous disregard for their customers’ safety was on full display throughout the trial,” Sadowsky’s attorney said while maintaining that the casino was fully liable for the accident.

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