California: One More Illegal Casino Busted In South Bakersfield

California: One More Illegal Casino Busted In South Bakersfield

Illegal casinos and gaming houses have been flourishing in California, or is it? In a crackdown on illegal casinos the Kern County Sheriff’s Office raided an illegal casino in South Bakersfield. The Sheriff’s office seized several unlawful gambling machines and also firearms.

The police had already obtained a search warrant to search a building on the 9700 block of Aim Avenue. They had received complaints of illegal gambling casino operating on the premises.

When the deputies entered the premises, they found an eight-person “fish table” gaming console and six computer terminals in the building.

The deputies also found four firearms, along with 3,000 rounds of ammunition. Two of the firearms located by deputies were reported stolen.

The police arrested James Helm, 36. He was pressed with charges for being involved in an illegal gambling operation, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Jeffrey Helm, 37, the other suspect was arrested for multiple charges including operating an illegal gambling casino and receiving stolen property.

Maryanne Yeakley, 46, along with Angelica Crotwell, 28, were both arrested for outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrants.

Earlier in June, in a raid, the LAPD, busted an illegal gambling den that was operating from a building on the 200 block of North Vermont Avenue. 35 suspects were detained following the raid.

Also, in May, in a crackdown on illegal gambling in Pomona, the police detained d0 suspects involved with illegal gambling activities.

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