Kenya: Operating Licenses Of 19 Betting And Gambling Companies Not Renewed

Kenya: Operating License Of 19 Betting And Gambling Companies Not Renewed

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i issued a directive which calls for vetting of betting companies and gambling establishments in the country. The vetting has to be completed by July 1.

Following the new directive, the country’s Betting Control and Licensing Board have suspended the renewal of operational licenses for 19 betting companies. These gambling companies have to get clearance after the security vetting of their premises and other aspects of their operation.

Of the 19 gambling establishments whose licenses have not been renewed, there are 13 casinos and six lotteries.

In its bid to create a safer gambling environment in the country, the government along with the gambling authority is now planning to regulate various aspects of gambling operations, including bookmaking (betting), public gaming (casinos) and public lotteries.

It would also make it difficult for locals to access gambling products and services.

Earlier last month, the country’s Betting Control and Licensing Board, introduced a ban on gambling adverts in the country; however, it was suspended by the High Court which declared the gambling adverts ban as unconstitutional.

The ministry, in its statement said that “The authorities shall not hesitate to debar non-compliant operators in any category.”

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