Nebraska: Voters May Decide The Fate Of Casino Gambling

Nebraska: Voters May Decide The Fate Of Casino Gambling

Nebraska voters could probably decide the fate of commercial casino gambling in the state. Currently, only tribal casinos are legal in Nebraska.

Nebraska voters may decide if they would want to have legal, commercial casino gambling in the state.

It comes as a good number of supporters of legalized casino gambling in the state launched a petition campaign to have the issue on the 2020 ballot. The campaign committee has said that by regulating casino gambling at racetracks, the state could generate about $50 million additional tax revenue and which could be utilized to fund public education.

The campaign is financially backed by the economic development corporation owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

The National Conference of State Legislatures noted that 25 states allow casino gambling with games such as slot machines, craps and roulette wheels including Nebraska’s neighboring states Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota. Commercial casinos in Iowa do allow Nebraska residents to spin and wager.

While the campaign is gaining support, there are many in opposition to gambling expansion and legalization of commercial casino gambling in Nebraska.

Those in opposition say that the commercial casinos will create more problems than solution as it would give rise to gambling addiction and other social evils associated with gambling.

The supporters of casino gambling explain that it would bring in additional revenue which the state is losing by not regulating commercial casinos.

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