Chicago Casino May Open Doors For Visitors In The New Year

Chicago Casino May Open Doors For Visitors In The New Year

Things are moving fast after a massive gambling expansion bill was signed into law by the state governor, J.B. Pritzker, last week. The gambling expansion has paved the way for six new casinos in Illinois at different locations of which Chicago is the most prominent.

Casino lovers in Chicago would not have to wait more as it is expected that the new Chicago casino could start welcoming guests by the new year.

The state Sen., Terry Link, has confirmed that if all goes according to the plan things could get started quickly.
According to the new gambling expansion plan, the Illinois Gaming Board has ten days under to hire a private consultant to take a feasibility study on the upcoming Chicago casino.

The consultant would report on the revenue aspects of the casino. They will have 45 days to complete the research and submit it to the city council. Following the feasibility study, the city would have another 90 days to propose and bring changes according to the report. It could also alter the regulations related to the licensing of casino in Chicago.

City Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a conference that, “We all want to city casino to open as soon as possible; obviously we’ll be involved in the process. I’m hoping we can get it done relatively soon, so we can start the process.”

However, there is no certainty about the location of the casino so far. This remains the concern, as lawmakers and experts are still divided on as to where they would be developing the new Chicago casino.

Senator Terry Link is optimistic and has said that the Chicago casino will be completed and open in the next 12 to 18 months at the most.

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