Yokohama Integrated Casinos Resort Sees Opposition From Anti-Gambling Groups

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While the gambling operators from across the globe are eyeing a Japanese IR license, a potential Yokohama casino resort is witnessing significant opposition from anti-gambling groups.

Yokohama is amongst the three prefectures which would be having a foreigner-only casino in Japan in the first phase. The other two are Nagasaki and Osaka prefectures.

The anti-gambling groups have protested the idea of having a casino in Yokohama and have launched a joint campaign resisting the grant of a casino license. The anti-gambling groups have also warned Yokohama Mayor, Fumiko Hayashi.

Mayor Hayashi confirmed that he had received a letter from anti-casino groups urging him to stop the underlying processes for IR in the city.

The Yokohama Harbor Transport Association and the Yokohama Harbor Resort Association sent the letter to the Mayor.

“Operating an IR casino over the objections of an unpersuaded public is totally unacceptable,” read the letter.

The anti-gambling groups have raised concerns that the IR in Yokohama would receive at least 20 million visitors annually and the increased tourism would have an economic impact of about €16 billion.

Those in favor of the casino resort have said that the new gambling establishment would generate an estimated €2.8 billion to €7.1 billion in revenue.

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