Australian Betting Company Tabcorp Convicted For Breaching Gambling Advert Regulations

Australian Betting Company Tabcorp Convicted For Breaching Gambling Advert Regulations

Australian gambling and betting company Tabcorp has been convicted for offering an illegal gambling inducement, violating the new gambling regulations adopted last year in New South Wales (NSW).

A Sydney Downing Centre Local Court slapped over $14,000 in fines and costs. Tabcorp pleaded guilty to the charges of violating the regulations related to gambling advertising in the state.

The new regulations which came into effect last year in July allow gambling operators to offer an inducement to participate in any gambling activity only to registered gamblers. Any such inducement made to those not registered as gamblers would be an offense and punishable.

Last year in October, Tabcorp circulated an advert on its app which read: “HEAD TO HEAD SPECIAL – KHABIB VS MCGREGOR – if your fighter loses by decision, bonus bet back up to $50.”

It was an advert promoting betting on an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout. The advert was visible to all those who had the app on their smartphones, including those who were not registered gamblers.

The NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming, upon receiving complaints asked for a clarification from the gambling operator. Tabcorp admitted that it was a human error and that the app should not have been shown to those not registered as gamblers.

However, the gambling and regulator took the matter to the court where the gambling operator was slapped with fines and charges.

In its ruling, Chief Magistrate Henson held that “It is a fact that problem gambling brings with it many social problems affecting not just the afflicted person but potentially also their families and the wider community.”

“There is a moral and social obligation on the part of governments who seek to benefit from the taxation levied on this type of conduct to pursue the objective of reducing the fact of and impact from problem gambling. It is not surprising in that context that a dim view is taken of breaches of the law, whether they are deliberate or by reason of inadvertence,” the Chief Magistrate said.

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