Korea Casino Revenue Continues to Recover, Paradise Co Revenue Up 25.9 Percent

Korea Casino Revenue Continues to Recover, Paradise Co Revenue Up 25.9 Percent

Gaming revenue at Korea’s Paradise Co continues to recover in June. The casino revenue posted by the company for June reveals that it increased 25.9 percent year-on-year to KRW71.61 billion (US$61.4 million).

Though the revenue from table games slipped 36.9% to KRW615.18 billion (US$527.3 million) when compared with the figures posted for the same period the previous year, Paradise Co could still manage to generate significant revenue.

The gaming revenue generated for June was also 17.2 percent higher than what Paradise made in the previous month.

The total revenue from table games was estimated at KRW67.74 billion. Slot machine gaming brought in KRW3.87 billion.

With the financial figures for June out, it is revealed that the casino revenue for the first half of 2019 has grown by 19 percent year-on-year to KRW351.21 billion; however, the revenue from table games slipped 26.2 percent to KRW3.47 trillion.

Paradise operates Paradise Walker-hill in Seoul, Jeju Grand, and Busan Casino as well as its first integrated resort, Paradise City, in Incheon. Paradise city in Incheon is a joint venture between Paradise Co and Japan’s Sega Sammy.

Earlier this week, Macau which was suffering from declining gaming revenue due to a slowdown in the Chinese economy as a result of the ongoing US-China trade war, also posted positive figures for the month of June.

Following the positive gaming revenue figures generated by Macau casinos, the shares of the Macau casino operators also shot up.

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