No Sports Betting In Maine Until 2020

No Sports Betting In Maine Until 2020

A sports betting legalization bill has been put on hold by Maine governor Janet Mills until 2020.

Maine’s gambling expansion bill pending governor’s approval would legalize sports betting both online and at land-based facilities. It would allow casinos, commercial tracks, off-track betting facilities, and federally recognized Indian tribes to solicit sports betting licenses.

Governor Janet Mill did not act upon the legislation as she had several other bills to consider as well. It is possible that the sports betting bill would appear again for consideration in January 2020.

In her statement, Gov. Mills said that “The Legislature has passed a significant number of bills this session, and I take my constitutional obligation seriously to thoroughly review all of them, evaluate their implications and decide whether they are in the best interest of Maine people.”

“I will continue to review these bills and gather more information, and I look forward to acting on them at the beginning of the next legislative session.”

Democratic Sen. Louis Luchini, who had sponsored the bill in Maine said that he wasn’t surprised and that he would be working towards sports betting legalization in the state in 2020 as well.

“Just generally, any time you expand gambling in the state, you want to tread carefully. I think we’ll use the time between now and then to see if there’s anything we can do to make the bill better,” Luchini said.

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