Sweden’s State-Owned Gambling Regulator Svenska Spel To Grant SEK5 Million For Gambling Research

Sweden’s State-Owned Gambling Regulator Svenska Spel To Grant SEK5 Million Gambling Research

Sweden’s state-owned gambling regulator Svenska Spel has announced that they would be funding five new projects to study the causes and treatment of gambling addiction. The projects are aimed at studying how to tackle problem gambling issues and treat those who suffer from compulsive gambling issues.

The Gambling company has said that it would be spending SEK5 million (approx. $532,315) to fund the projects.

While one of the projects would be looking to study gambling addiction among Swedish professional Ice Hockey players. Another project would be to create internet-based services for gambling addiction treatment.

A third project would study the connections between trauma and problem gambling behavior in women. There has been a steep rise in women gambling addicts in Sweden.

In its recent study, Folkhälsomyndigheten, Sweden’s public health agency found that over 45,000 people in Sweden have compulsive gambling issues. It also revealed that of those suffering from compulsive gambling issues, 64 percent are women and that there has been a sharp rise in women gambling addicts in the past three years.

Details of the other two projects are yet to be revealed by the Research Council. Sara Lindholm, Chairwoman of the Research Council, said that the project which has been selected for the grant would help them increase their knowledge about gambling addiction and treatment.

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