Macau’s Junket Operator Suncity Rubbishes Chinese Media Reports

Macau’s Junket Operator Suncity Rubbishes Chinese Media Reports

Macau’s junket operator Suncity has denied allegations of running a network of online gambling websites and facilitating Chinese high rollers to wager in online casinos based out of Philippines and Cambodia.

Earlier, Economic Information Daily, an affiliate of the state-run media Xinhua News Agency, published a report where it singled out Suncity and alleged that the junket operator was running a massive network of online gambling websites which were based overseas and were created to target customers from mainland China.

“The annual amount bet through online gambling in the mainland is more than one trillion yuan ($145 billion), equivalent to nearly twice the annual income of China’s lottery,” read the report.

Refuting the claims, Suncity issued a statement and confirmed that they do not operate any online gambling platform and rubbished the entire report.

Suncity has also said that they are complying with all local regulations. It said that online gambling is illegal in Macau, and they have not violated the gambling regulations of the Chinese territory.

The article made some serious allegations against Suncity and claimed that Suncity was single-handedly draining a significant amount of revenue, which otherwise belonged to China.

Gambling is illegal in mainland China; however, land-based casinos are legal in Macau while online gambling remains illegal.

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