Malaysia To Amend Gambling Laws

Malaysia To Amend Gambling Laws

The Malaysian government has plans to amend the existing gambling laws. According to the local media reports, the government is planning to revise the gambling laws to make it compatible with the current gambling environment in the country.

The potential revision of new gambling laws has been announced in the backdrop of increased gambling-related arrests. The Malaysian police have confirmed that there have been over 14,700 gambling-related arrests and over MYR3.8 million seized in raids on illegal gambling establishments so for in 2019 alone.

Home minister Muhyiddin Yassin, also confirmed that the government has decided to update the existing laws as at present they do not cover online gambling. He also noted that online gambling has become extremely popular amongst Malaysians in the past ten years.

He also said that other countries in South East Asia, for example, Singapore have distinct gambling laws for offshore gambling.

The Home Minister was answering a question which asked if the government had plans to revise the obsolete gambling laws which came into effect almost six decades ago.

Muhiyuddin also raised concerns about the increase in illegal gambling syndicates. He said that some of them are so big that they earn up to MYR300,000 a day from Malaysian customers.

Gambling in Malaysia is regulated under the Lotteries Act 1952, the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, the Betting Act 1953, and the Pool Betting Act 1967.

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