Korean Military Confirms Five People Under Investigation Over Gambling

Korean Military Confirms Five People Under Investigation Over Gambling

The Korean army officials have confirmed that five people are under investigation over charges of participating in gambling activities during their military service.

The incident follows after the Government allowed the draftees to use mobile phones after work.

According to the reports from the local media, one of the military personnel under investigation is found to have engaged in online gambling activities through his smartphone for about 960 times.

The same accused reportedly wagered at least 180 million won (US$153,452) during his military tenure until June this year.

The other four accused placed online bets in between 2.9 million won and 46 million won through mobile gambling.

“Of them, three were discharged from the military either in June or July. So, civilian investigators have been looking into their case,” an Army officer said.

Engaging in gambling activities while serving in the military is illegal. Also, gambling addiction has been on the rise in South Korea.

Earlier this week, a study revealed that since 2015, there has been a 600 percent increase in teenagers receiving problem gambling treatment. While in 2015, only 168 teenagers received gambling treatment, in 2018, the number went up to 1027.

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