Labor Board Steps Into A Dispute Between A Labor Union And Twin Rivers Casino

Labor Board Steps Into A Dispute Between A Labor Union And Twin Rivers Casino

The National Labor Board has stepped into a dispute between Twin River Casino in Rhode Island and a labor union.

A union of casino employees has called on the National Labor Relations Board and filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Twin Rivers casino, Rhode Island.

Twin River Casino has to reply to the complaint issued by the Labor Board until this coming Monday.

The union has also been seeking a list of reported crimes at the gambling venue.

Patti Doyle, Twin River spokeswoman, said that they are not surprised by the timing of the allegations. She was insinuating that the allegations are motivated because they are already in the process of union negotiations.
She also assured of their cooperation with the labor board.

Earlier in March, the Service Employees International Union Local 334 had asked for a list of reported crimes at the Twin Rivers. It sought a list of all crimes, including break-ins, assaults, burglaries, and other crimes along with the nature and specific location of each incident.

However pressing unfair labor charges, union lawyer said that Twin River did not provide them with a list of all crimes but only those involving casino employees.

The union alleged that the casino did not provide the list of crimes reported which involved casino employees as victims.

Union President Joe Marciano demands that the Twin River casino take the safety of their employees seriously. They have also demanded that the casino provides parking lot shuttles for employees.

The Labor Board would hear the issue in October in case the issue remains unresolved.

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