Problem Gambling Foundation Raises Concerns Over Lotto N.Z.’s Move To Launch Online Bingo

Problem Gambling Foundation Raises Concerns Over Lotto N.Z.’s Move To Launch Online Bingo

Lotto N.Z. is looking forward to launching online bingo on its online platform “MyLotto.” The state-owned gambling operator is in the process of analyzing and studying the means and options to launch online bingo services.

“MyLotto,” the online platform was launched in 2008; however, it was redesigned and launched again in 2017.

Following the re-launch the online platform has performed par expectations as the total sales rose by nearly 20 percent with the number of active registered players crossing the 800,000 mark.

In a notice on the government tenders website LottoNZ said: “Overall, we believe there is still significant growth opportunity for the digital channel, as the current interactive player base makes up a relatively small percentage of players that participate in our games throughout the year across all channels.”

“The risk profile of Bingo as an online format game is considered “medium risk,” which is in line with our existing instant-win games,” it continued.

“It is worth noting that the rating takes into account the responsible gaming features that are used to minimize harm, and it is, therefore, possible to reduce the points, and subsequent risk rating of products, through the introduction of additional controls.”

Expressing concerns over the lottery operator’s plans to introduce online bingo, Problem Gambling Foundation spokesperson Andree Froude said:“These are both high-risk forms of gambling because they are continuous, so people don’t have to wait long for a result. They are significantly more harmful than purchasing a Lotto ticket where you have to wait for the outcome.”

“While Lotto may rate these games as ‘medium risk,’ we don’t.”

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