Deadline Missed For The Upcoming Chicago Casino

Deadline Missed For The Upcoming Chicago Casino

The state authorities have missed the first deadline in the process of developing a new casino in Chicago after governor J.B. Pritzker recently approved a massive gambling bill.

According to the gambling expansion bill which allows for six casinos at different locations in Illinois, a feasibility consultant was to be hired by Monday. However, three days have gone by, and they are still to find a consultant.

After Gov. Pritzker, signed the bill on June 28, the Illinois Gaming Board had ten days to select a consultant to conduct a feasibility study of the potential Chicago casino.

The consultant would then report on the various aspects of the casino. They would have 45 days to complete the research and submit it to the city council. Following the feasibility study, the city would have another 90 days to propose and bring changes according to the report. It would also have the power to alter the regulations related to the licensing of casino in Chicago.

The budget for a consultant is up to $101,800, and until Thursday no consultant had been hired.

Gaming board spokesman Gene O’Shea said, “We are working through the process, and the Illinois Gaming Board is bound by the procurement code and the law.”

Talking to reporters, Pritzker said that “Nothing is going to happen until [casino] licenses are issued, and that will happen in due course.”

“We need to make sure that the study is underway for the city of Chicago. Remember, that’s only one component of that gaming bill. It’s an important one, no doubt about it. It’s in process.”

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