EFL Survey Says A Majority Of Fans Comfortable With Gambling Sponsorship

EFL Survey Says A Majority Of Fans Comfortable With Gambling Sponsorship

According to an EFL (English Football League) survey, over 70 percent of the fans are okay with gambling sponsorship.

The EFL survey saw a participation of 27,000 fans where about 71 percent said that they have no problem with the involvement of gambling companies in England’s biggest football league.

Of those participated, 62 percent said that it is acceptable to have gambling sponsorship’s as long as there are enough measures in place to protect those who are vulnerable, including the youth and gambling addicts.

Over 50 percent of the fans had not placed a bet in the past year, and 13 percent said they bet once a week. Moreover, 28 percent said that they place bets through SkyBet, which is also the official sponsor of the EFL. Around two percent said that they bet everyday.

As gambling addiction has been on the rise in the UK, the gambling regulator has said that there would be stricter measures against gambling sponsorship’s for sporting events.

Gambling sponsorship’s for sporting events have always been a cause of concern as it could promote gambling and especially amongst children. Earlier in April, GVC chief said that they planning to cancel all jersey sponsorship deals ensuring that people watching football games and their favorite players are not exposed to gambling adverts.

He also demanded a blanket ban on advertising gambling products during all televised sports and not just football except horse racing.

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