Sihanoukville Casino Workers On Strike, Demand Better Working Conditions

Sihanoukville Casino Workers On Strike, Demand Better Working Conditions

With less than a month after a seven-story under-construction building collapsed in Cambodia’s casino town of Sihanoukville, killing 28, casino workers in the city are now on strike demanding better working conditions.

Earlier in June, 28 people were killed after an under construction Chine-owned casino building collapsed. The incident prompted strict action against the Deputy Director of the National Committee of Disaster Management, Nhim Vanda, who was dismissed right after due to alleged “lack of responsibility, and lying.”

Currently, there are around 50 Chinese-owned casinos and dozens of hotel complexes under construction in Sihanoukville.

Khmer Times reports that DV casino – a Chinese-owned enterprise – have not been paying casino employees their wages in full. It is also reported that some workers’ salaries have been cut inappropriately.

Upon condition of anonymity, talking to Khmer Times, a casino worker said: “Some of the workers’ wages were cut by $20 to $100,” the worker said. “Some asked about it, including for the days they worked on regular working days and national holidays, for which they were not paid for. They [the company] did not obey Cambodian labor laws.”

“We also suggested that the company issue all documents in Khmer for the workers to understand the company’s working conditions. We signed some documents in Chinese language, so sometimes we do not understand the meaning of the documents that we sign,” the worker added.

After the authorities intervened, the employees have returned to work as of now.

Yow Khemara, director of the Department of Labour and Vocational Training in Preah Sihanouk province, said: “Following the intervention, the company and the workers came to an agreement on the five points. The workers agreed to return to work, and both sides will work to maintain harmony and professional relations.”

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