Sports Betting is Now Legal In New Hampshire

Sports Betting is Now Legal In New Hampshire

New Hampshire has become the second New England state to legalize sports betting. The state had already authorized retail and mobile betting the previous year.

Earlier this year, Rep. Timothy Lang introduced a sports betting legalization bill which moved up quickly and was approved the state lawmakers. Last week on Friday, Gov. Chris Sununu signed the bill into law making sports betting official in New Hampshire. He also said that he is looking forward to placing the first legal bet in the state once sports betting operations are launched in the state.

The new sports betting law allow betting on all sporting events, including professional sports and also college-level tournaments. However, betting on games involving New Hampshire schools is prohibited.

The sports betting legislation would allow setting up retail betting at 10 locations and also allowing customers to wager through their smartphones.

It is expected that the newly regulated sports betting industry will bring in $7.5 million toward the state’s education trust in the fiscal year 2021 and $13.5 million in 2023.

Gov. Sununu said that “We can do it with a lot of confidence because it’s being done responsibly. It’s being done with an organization here at the lottery that just knows what they’re doing.”

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