At Least 12 Injured In A Casino Roof Collapse

At Least 12 Injured In A Casino Roof Collapse

At least 12 people have been injured after the roof of Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena, California, collapsed while they were at the venue.

No casualties have been reported, and the injured are said to have been fine as they suffered just minor injuries.

A portion of the roof of the Lucky Lady casino collapsed earlier on Monday this week around 10;15 am.

According to the reports, the roof collapsed where there were two large commercial air conditioners.

Talking about the incident, LA County Fire captain Tony Imbrenda said: “Currently we don’t have the exact cause of why this happened. But clearly, as evidenced by the photographs that we’re seeing right now live on television, the area of this collapse was primarily around the area where a couple of large commercial air conditioners are situated on top of that roof.”

Last month a seven-story under-construction building collapsed in Cambodia’s casino town of Sihanoukville. Twenty-eight people were killed in the accident.

Cambodia’s casino town of Sihanoukville has been witnessing rampant construction and development work as it is being developed as a tourist destination – a hub for those who travel from mainland China for gambling.

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