Twin River Accuses Casino Employees Union Of Harassment

Twin River Accuses Casino Employees Union Of Harassment

The Twin River Casinos have accused the casino employees union of harassment. Earlier last week, a union representing casino employees filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

The National Labor Board stepped in after the union filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Twin Rivers Casino, Rhode Island.

Earlier in March, the Service Employees International Union Local 334 had asked for a list of reported crimes at the Twin Rivers. It sought a list of all crimes, including break-ins, assaults, burglaries, and other crimes along with the nature and specific location of each incident.

However pressing unfair labor charges, union lawyer said that Twin River did not provide them with a list of all crimes but only those involving casino employees.

The Twin Rivers owners have now accused the union of harassment. The casino had also raised concerns about the timing of the complaints.

In the response to the National Labor Relations Board complaint that he filed on Twin River’s behalf on Monday, lawyer Michael Chittick wrote: “The information requests … were not made by the union in good faith; on the contrary, the Union made the information requests with the intent to harass and unduly burden Twin River.”

“The Union has no legitimate need for a list of all instances of criminal conduct that may have occurred at Twin River since May 1, 2016,″ he argued. “In response to Twin River’s request for a list of all instances in which a Union employee was injured in any way as the result of criminal conduct at the facility since May 1, 2016, the Union cited zero such instances.”

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  1. Jeff Dooley on

    If twin river is so confident that the place is safe, why won’t they produce the requested information LOL…


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