Former New York Governor Is New VP Of Las Vegas Sands

Former New York Governor Is New VP Of Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands Corp. has announced David Paterson, former New York Governor as its new Vice President. Paterson has been a staunch supporter of the POTUS, Donald Trump.

Talking to the NYPost, Paterson said that he is doing what he thinks Americans need to do right now.

“I think I’m doing what more Americans need to do right now. Mr. Adelson has a First Amendment right to vote for whoever he wants to vote for president and to spend his money giving contributions to whoever he feels would be the best candidate,” he said.

“The acrimony that builds every day more and more between the two parties, I think this is a real example of what used to happen in this country where people didn’t even think about their political affiliations when business opportunity came through because business is about respect and as long as I feel respected, then I can work there.”

Paterson’s joining Sands as VP is being seen as the gambling operator’s strategic move to push for a New York casino.

There are four upstate New York casinos, and three are to be authorized in the city’s metro area. However, these gambling facilities would not be allowed to begin construction until 2023.

Sands is eyeing a downstate casino, and it says that a downstate casino program would chip in $1.5 billion in revenue for the state which it could spend on social programs.

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