Malaysia Extradites 37 South Koreans Over Illegal Online Gambling

Malaysia Extradites 37 South Koreans Over Illegal Online Gambling

The police in Seoul, South Korea, has arrested 37 South Koreans after they were extradited from Malaysia on charges of illegal online gambling.

The National Police Agency confirmed that the 37 suspects had been involved in operating illegal gambling websites in Malaysia with stakes worth billions.

The arrests are also significant as it is the biggest arrest made in connection with illegal gambling so far.

The illegal online gambling ring had nine members and was led by one Mr. Lee who has been operating illegal gambling den in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur since March 2015. Their illegal profits are estimated at 19.2 billion won (US$16.25 million).

The other ring busted was led by one 38-year-old Mr. Roh, and he had been operating his illegal gambling ring in Malaysia since April 2017.

The entire operation which led to these arrests happened after the South Korean police met a Malaysian delegation at an international cybercrime symposium in Seoul in May.

With information shared by the Korean Police, the Malaysian authorities could locate the hideouts following which they conducted a joint raid.

A delegation of Korean police was in Malaysia between June 20-30 to catch the illegal gambling operators.

Earlier last week, the Korean Army officials also confirmed that there are five army officers under investigation over charges of online gambling.

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