Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue At An All-Time High

Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue At An All-Time High

Pennsylvania, one of the most pro-gambling states, has grossed a record $3.3bn (£2.6bn/€2.9bn) in the 2018-19 fiscal year. The state grossed a significant additional revenue due to the gambling expansion.

The revenue figures posted for the fiscal year ending June 31 reveals that the gambling revenue increased by 1.84 percent when compared with the previous fiscal when the state generated $3.25b.

While in the previous fiscal the state grossed $1.3bn in tax revenue, in the current year it received $1.39bn in taxes from gambling establishments.

While slot gaming was the top contributor generating income for Pennsylvania casinos, table games were the second in generating revenues.

Pennsylvania casinos grossed $2.37bn from slot games in the current fiscal. Last year the slot game revenue was $2.35bn.

Revenue from table games was recorded $885.6m, down by 1.08% on $895.3m last year. It is also the first time that the table games revenue has slipped year-on-year in Pennsylvania since 2010.

The state also grossed $21,7 million in revenue from sports betting operations until June 30. Sports betting was launched in the state in November last year.
Online gambling has been launched at two Pennsylvania casinos this week. The sports betting revenue posted is from in-person bets at licensed casinos in the state.

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