Universal Entertainment Claims To Have Developed Multi-currency Game Machines

Universal Entertainment Claim To Have Developed Multi-currency Game Machines

Universal Entertainment claims that they have developed a game machine which would accept multiple currencies from across the globe including U.S. dollars, Philippine pesos, Chinese and Japanese yen, the euro, and Hong Kong dollars.

In a filing with the JASDAQ stock exchange, Universal Entertainment explained: “Up to now, it was only allowed to play any gaming machine using the bills of the country where a casino is operated or those of certain countries.”

“This system has significant features enabling the use of bills of various foreign countries to save the time and effort of currency exchange, which will improve casino players’ convenience, and at the same time, significantly reducing the personnel cost associated with the money exchange services.”

The company claims that the new machines will allow customers to choose their favorite currency while playing slot machine games. It says that it could appeal to high-rollers and VIP customers who wouldn’t want to get their currencies converted.

Moreover, for casinos, the new machine would mean minimum staff to work towards currency conversion as the machine would automatically perform the task of converting currencies for the patrons

“The Slot Program Play System makes it possible to provide preferred customer services independently configured by casino operators to players who insert a certain amount of money or more in a casino slot machine within a certain period of time,” Universal said.

“It does so by systematizing the rolling programs that have been conventionally administered as preferred customer services at baccarat and other table games.”

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