Food Takeaway’s Lucky Draw Suspended As It Breached Macau’s Gambling Laws

Food Takeaway’s Lucky Draw Suspended As It Breached Macau’s Gambling Laws

According to a report from Macau Daily Times, an online food takeaway has been charged with “illegal organization” as its lucky draw was found to be violating the gambling laws of the Chinese controlled territory.

Macau’s Judiciary Police (PJ), suspected an online food joint’s lucky draw offer and launched an investigation. A 40-year-old local resident Mr. Lei had been running the online food takeaway.

The case was reported to the PJ by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) in June. Following the complaint, in its investigation, the PJ found that the food takeaway was offering a lucky draw to its customers without having the necessary permissions.

The customers who would participate in the lucky draw would pay one Macau pataca as an entry fee in advance.
As it was alleged that the lucky draw was similar to offering gambling services in nature the PJ suspended the lucky draw.

It was found that the food takeaway had offered a total of six lucky draws since December 22. The customers would make a payment in advance to the online platform.

TA winner of the lucky draw would then be selected from the participants who had paid and entry fee.

Prizes included electrical appliances and hotel rooms. The owner of the platform, Mr. Lei said that it was a marketing technique to promote his online food takeaway platform.

Though the owner did not personally benefit from organizing the lucky draw, it has been suspended by the authorities.

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