Suncity’s Chances For A Macau Gambling License In 2022 Now Bleak

Suncity’s Chances For A Macau Gambling License In 2022 Now Bleak

Suncity’s chances to get a Macau gambling license in 2022 are now bleak following the allegations of facilitating online gambling for Chinese high-rollers published by the Chinese state media.

While it is not confirmed but those familiar with the matter and experts have said that the recent allegations have diluted the junket operator’s chances to secure a gambling license in Macau in 2022.

Earlier this month, Economic Information Daily, an affiliate of the state-run media Xinhua News Agency, published a report where it singled out Suncity and alleged that the junket operator was running a massive network of online gambling websites which were based overseas and were created to target customers from mainland China.

“The annual amount bet through online gambling in the mainland is more than one trillion yuan ($145 billion), equivalent to nearly twice the annual income of China’s lottery,” read the report.

The junket operator rubbished the claims made by the Chinese media and said that all their operations follow the existing local gambling laws. Suncity categorically denied all allegations of facilitating online gambling as such.

Director of the Gaming and Research Center at Macao Polytechnic Institute, Wang Changbin said: “For sure the company’s “chances to be a Macau casino license bidder would be affected” because the media assertions “create a bad record. Online gaming and promotion of gaming are criminal offenses in mainland China, and the government is aware of its negative impact on the economy there and is concerned with how it could result in the capital outflow.”

Earlier this week, Macau’s gambling watchdog also revealed that in wake of the allegations against Suncity, they did surprise inspections at junket-controlled gaming rooms at the city’s casinos.

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