Now There Will Be Direct Flights From North Korea To Macau

Now There Will Be Direct Flights From North Korea To Macau

Though it is unclear as to how many North Koreans visit Macau casinos the good news is that now there will be a direct flight connecting North Korean capital Pyongyang and the global gambling hub in Asia.

As confirmed by Pyongyang’s aviation authority, North Korean flag carrier Air Koryo would soon begin flying directly to the Chinese-controlled territory.

At present, Air Koryo flies to only three international destinations including Beijing and Shenyang in China and Vladivostok in Russia. Macau would be the fourth international destination and also the furthest.

Macau Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed that the flights will run twice a week starting August 2. However, it is still unclear as to what type of planes would be put to purpose.

Macau has emerged as a global gambling hub and is struggling with excessive tourism- much more than it can support.

According to the data published by Macau’s Statistics and Census Service, the number of tourists visiting Macau in the first six months of 2019 has risen sharply by 20 percent.

The city received 20.3 million visitors between January 2019 and June 2019. The maximum number of visitors were from mainland China – 14.3 million people visited in the first six months of which over 50 percent came on China’s special visa program, the individual visit scheme (IVS).

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