Lawsuit Against Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino Voluntarily Dismissed

Lawsuit Against Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino Voluntarily Dismissed

A Lawsuit filed against Philadelphia’s SugarHouse casino has been voluntarily dismissed. As per the court documents, the attorneys of the claimants have notified the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that they were voluntarily dismissing their lawsuit, without prejudice.

Earlier in May, two gamblers in Philadelphia filed a lawsuit against SugarHouse casino after having lost $250,000 gambling at the venue. The gamblers alleged that the card shuffling machines at the venue were faulty. The lawsuit also questioned the legitimacy of the cards used.

Two gamblers William Vespe, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Anthony Mattia, of Philadelphia who had wagered during that period have claimed that they lost $104,000 and $147,000 respectively.

In the lawsuit, the players alleged that they lost because of the faulty shuffling machines and therefore it is only but fair for the casino to reimburse them for their losses.

This is not a new incident at the SugarHouse casino. They have also previously been fined by the Gaming Commission for using faulty decks.

A memorandum in support of a request to dismiss the lawsuit read: “Plaintiffs … do not allege any specific facts that establish they gambled and suffered ‘wagering losses’ on the same dates in which SugarHouse purportedly committed the infractions identified in the Complaint.”

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