Queensland Casinos Will Continue To Remain Open 24 Hours

Queensland Casinos Will Continue To Remain Open 24 Hours

Despite a review recommendation which called for banning serving alcohol after midnight Queensland casinos will continue to remain open 24 hours a day.

The state government disapproved the independent recommendation which said that cutting alcohol serving hours at casinos would curb violence.

In a meeting on Friday, the recommendation was heard but Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath opined that the state casinos are already heavily regulated.

Responding to the review the government statement read: “The government is not satisfied imposing this additional regulatory burden on casinos would assist in reducing violence rates, with casinos already subject to a high level of scrutiny and required to meet a higher level of safety than other licensed premises.”

“The government also considers the removal of 24-hour trading hours would be inconsistent with the government’s plans for creating a ‘new world city’ for Brisbane, the intent of the development of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane.”

While the attorney general agreed with the reports of a “greater number of offenses and harm” occurring outside casinos, she said that imposing alcohol restriction would burden state casinos and gambling establishments.
However, she did not rule out restricting the hours casinos were allowed to serve alcohol.

“We absolutely accept what the report says, that there is a greater number of offenses and harm around casinos,” Ms. D’Ath said.

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