Goa MLA Demands 80% Reservation In Casino Jobs For Goan Youth

Goa MLA Demands 80% Reservation In Casino Jobs For Goan Youth

Churchill Alemao, an NCP MLA from Benaulim, Goa demands that 80 percent of the casino jobs be reserved for the goan youth in the state’s flourishing casino and gambling industry.

He urged that the government should come up with policies which ensure that the local youth qualified and trained in hospitality and management get an opportunity to work in the state’s casino industry.

He also pointed out that despite qualified local youth being qualified and even unemployed, a majority of the workers in Goa casinos are from the north-eastern states.

“I can understand that you want the Casino industry as it helps the State’s exchequer earn the revenue. But at the same time, they should provide 80 percent of employment opportunities to Goans. Our Goan youth are willing and ready to work on casinos but the casino operators are not employing them. Why?” he said.

Alemao also emphasized that there is no dearth of talent and expertise in Goa. “Our youth are trained well in all those services that are provided in the casinos. If jobs are reserved for locals, it will help in solving the major issue of unemployment to a certain extent,” said Churchill.

BJP MLA Babush Monserrate supported Alemao and said that over 75 percent of the workers in the casino industry are outsiders and that there is growing unemployment in the state.

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