NCAA Slaps Three-Year Probation And Fine On UNCG’s Athletics Dept.

NCCA Slaps Three-Year Probation And Fine On UNCG’s Athletics Dept.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has imposed fine and three-year probation on UNCG’s athletics department as it has been found that in two of its sports there have been violations of NCAA’s code of conduct in relation to gambling and betting activities.

NCCA also addressed the findings of investigation based on self-reported violations related to gambling by former women’s basketball assistant coach Phil Collins.

Moreover, while an NCAA investigation was underway, men’s soccer coach EJ O’Keeffe, resigned this week. He was hired just six months ago.

Apart from the probation a one-time, $15,000 fine has been levied.

Kim Record, the UNCG athletics director, said: “We make operating with the highest standards of compliance and integrity the cornerstone of our culture. We have acted swiftly and decisively in both of these situations. While these separate incidents resulted in difficult decisions, we are confident that we have taken the right actions. We will always choose the path that aligns to our guiding principles: student-athlete well-being, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, development, and excellence.”

The NCAA’s report finds that UNCG’s basketball assistant coach Phil Collins’ involvement in gambling activities surfaced “on or around” May 22, 2018.

While UNCG immediately initiated an internal investigation, it was later assisted by the NCAA’s enforcement staff.
During the course of the investigation, Collins admitted gambling on both professional and college-level sports, including at least four single-game bets involving the UNCG men’s basketball team and 10 parlays that involved the men’s team.

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