Merkur Kicks Off Polish Expansion, Rebrands Acquired Totolotek SA

Merkur Kicks Off Polish Expansion, Rebrands Acquired Totolotek SA

Sports Betting subsidiary of Gauselmann AG, Merkur Sportwetten, has kicked off its expansion in the Polish online gambling market by rebranding its newly acquired Totolotek SA, a polish sports gambling company.

It was only last week that Merkur acquired Polish heritage bookmaker Totolotek from Greek-based Intralot SA. Following the acquisition of Totolotek Merkur will now be expanding its presence in five regulated sports betting markets.

The officials at Merkur have confirmed that soon ‘the association of the two companies will become publicly visible’ as Totolotek assets would be rebranded and gambling products redesigned.

While the Totolotek name is not being touched in the rebranding process, the logo would feature Merkur’s iconic ‘laughing sun mascot‘ as a redesigned trademark of the new entity.

Moreover, the Totolotek betting shops have been renovated with Gauselmann betting terminals and systems.
“Totolotek is one of the most renowned sports betting providers in Poland,” said Niko Steinkrauß, Managing Director of Merkur Sportwetten.

“By integrating Totolotek into our company structure, we want to further advance its success and sustainably strengthen its position in the market. We are convinced that we will succeed in doing this with our innovative products and by drawing on our experience and financial strength.”

Further to its retail overhaul, Merkur has moved to revamp Totolotek’s online presence by redeploying with new platform provisions and a new website redesign.

“Such an extensive modernization as the one undergone by Totolotek has never before taken place in the Polish sports betting market,” added Adam Lamentowicz, CEO of Totolotek.

“The great commitment of our parent company is paying dividends: The response from our customers is overwhelming, both in the betting shops and online.”

In a recent announcement, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister, Piotr Gliński, has confirmed that during the last 18 months, 4 percent of the entire tax revenue generated from gambling in the country has been distributed to non-governmental organizations.

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