Philippines: Over 30,000 Gambling Sites Shut After Orders From President Duterte

Philippines: Over 30,000 Gambling Sites Shut After Orders From President Duterte

After President Duterte ordered the closure of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) gambling operations across the country on Saturday, the government officials have confirmed that they have shut down over 30,000 gambling sites in the country.

President Duterte ordered PCSO to immediately cease operations as he alleged massive corruption in their operations.

In a video message posted from his official page, Duterte ordered: “the closure, the stoppage of all gaming schemes of whatever nature, however done, that got their franchises to do so from the PCSO.”

He justified the immediate actions are necessary because of the massive corruption in the PCSO operations, The president also ordered the termination of all PCSO-granted “permits and concessions or whatever.”

“The PCSO supports the decision of our dear President in eradicating corruption and illegal gambling activities. The Agency programs, projects, and activities are aligned to the objective and goal of our national government,” PCSO said in a statement.

“Rest assured that PCSO will appeal to the President for the resumption of the conduct of all games, to PSCO’s mandate, and for the interest of the PSCO, its agents, and its beneficiaries,” PSCO statement continued.

PSCO also provides financial assistance for various social programs in the country. Moreover, the livelihood of many depends upon the gambling operations by PCSO.

“Why is President Duterte punishing ordinary people for the corruption of his officials? Thousands of our fellow Filipinos rely on the PCSO for financial assistance to cover costly medical services. At times these are matters of life and death for many,” Senator Risa Hontiveros said talking to the local news.

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