Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Says Casino Gambling Leads To Suicide

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Says Casino Gambling Leads To Suicide

A recent statement from Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin in which he says that casino gambling leads to suicide has met with criticism from all corners of the US gaming and gambling industry.

In a radio interview on Wednesday, Bevin said that “every night somewhere in America” someone dies by suicide in a casino.

He was putting up an argument against gambling expansion in Kentucky and was enumerating the potential hazards of legalizing casino gambling in the state.

The Governor made the statement during an interview on WKDZ in Cadiz.

“Every night somewhere in America somebody takes their life in a casino because they’ve wasted the last semblance of dignity and hope that they had,” Bevin said.

“Families are ruined, lives are ruined. There is societal cost.”

However, when asked from where he pulled those stats, there has been no response from him or his office.

Lashing on to the statement made by Kentucky Governor, Bill Miller, president of the American Gaming Association, said that Bevin’s comments were “patently false and irresponsible.”

“Our industry commits hundreds of millions of dollars a year to address the very serious issue of problem gambling, ensuring that patrons have the tools they need to engage in our offerings in a responsible manner,” he said.

“From extensive responsible gaming training programs for our employees and proactive education for our consumers to financial support for programs that ensure people who need help get it, our industry’s commitment is very clear.”

Bevin has been in opposition to gambling expansion in the state. However, the proponents of gambling have said that it could help boost the state’s tax revenues.

Last year a bipartisan group of lawmakers proposed a casino gambling bill. The bill estimated that casino gambling would chip in an additional anything between $250 million and $1 billion in its first year.

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